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Thinking of going bespoke? It’s certainly the most economic choice…

Whether it be for business, travel, hunting, weddings or social occasions- your bespoke items can be counted upon to rise to the challenge. We will take lifelong care of your garments, ranging from sizing adjustments to repairs as they grow and change with you. 

What is involved?

After you choose your cloth from our selection stocked by all the leading mills and cloth merchants, we then take twenty-one direct measurements from which we draft your individual paper pattern. We build the foundation of your suit by the addition of wool canvasses and horsehair chest pieces to your chosen material. The suit is then basted together for your first fitting with the cutter who measured and made the original pattern. The suit will then be re-cut to accommodate any adjustments, it is then trimmed with the finest linings, interlinings, buttonhole silks and buttons.

What sorts of styles can I choose?

We can accommodate most if not all of your reasonable requests, from the length of the jacket to the angle of the side pockets. From the lapel width and length to the pocket flaps- one or two vents for example.

Button holes and cuffs are made by hand, and even the choice of buttons is personal. If you would like a lining that expresses your personality or colour choice- it is entirely your own…

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