Davies and Son
March 2016 window feature
Exclusive Davies and Son cloth

Throughout March in our Savile Row shop we will be focusing on various ‘exclusive’ cloths that we hold in stock.
All of these cloths have been exclusively made for us.

1. Navy Super 150 Huddersfield Fine Worsted. Choose this for the 11/12 ozs all year round weight not often found in a cloth of this quality. This cloth has to be seen to be believed, excellent blue with an exceptional feel and look. No suit cut from this could ever be called plain.

2. Duke of Windsor Glen check. (Dark Blue)

We are proud to display the original double breasted jacket made by us for the Duke of Windsor in 1961 in our window during March. We commissioned a faithful reproduction of this fine dark blue and black Glen check cloth exclusively for Davies and Son. It’s been a favourite with our customers ever since. It is closer to a Saxony cloth than a worsted – soft to the touch yet more durable than flannel. It catches light in a beguiling way, sometimes showing hints of several other colours and yet in other light conditions the Glen check is only just visible. A cloth with a great history – and suitable for many uses.

3. Dugdale Super 110 Birdseye.

The ‘birdseye’ is a perennial favourite with our customers – probably because it is just so useable. This English Super 110 cloth combines classic background shades and designs – in shades of grey and blue. These 9 ozs or 280grms cloths have a slightly ‘crushed’ finish adding to their handle and longevity. This cloth has proved to be very popular since we took delivery of it in October last year. A reliable and handsome all rounder..

4. ‘Prince of Wales’ Glen check with light blue overlay

The Glen check is often nicknamed “Prince of Wales’ after the Duke of Windsor popularised the cloth during the period that he was ‘The Prince of Wales’
Another Super 110 exclusive to Davies and Son – and a favourite of ours. Again this cloth has a Saxony feel and we like it enough to have made several display models to show off it’s versatility. Perfect for an extra sharp leisure suit or even in the office. This cloth is more practical than you might think and is, of course, very British.

5. Two Super 135 Striped Dark blue. Huddersfield Fine Worsted 9 ozs
Made in England from the finest Australian Merino wool, these two cloths have very subtle double stripes – only truly visible close up. One has a blue detailing and the other brown. It makes for a pinstripe with a subtle difference and could easily be worn for business without being seen to be too adventurous. Beautiful luxurious handle with that extra stylish edge for a business suit.