From left: Graham Lawless – Sales Director, Alan Bennett – Master Tailor and Cutter, Charlotte Henderson – Trainee Cutter, Joe Mathews – Cutter, Patrick Murphy – Head Cutter.

Meet The Team

Alan Bennett – Master Tailor and Cutter

In August 2015 Alan will be celebrating 50 years in Tailoring. Alan’s interest in tailoring started in his teens in the 60’s. Influenced by the mod fashions of the times – he and his Mother used to make the clothes that he craved but could not afford to buy. Alan is both a coat maker and cutter. After his apprenticeship with Huntsman, he became a coat maker with Kilgour with Denman and Goddard to follow. After learning cutting he moved on to become an under cutter with Dege. Alan bought Davies and Son in the mid 90’s and by the end of that decade had successfully moved the business into Savile Row. Alan is a Tailor with considerable flair and limitless experience, in his time as a Tailor he has pretty much done it all. He was the youngest Tailor to open his own shop on Savile Row when he was 36 – and he is still there today. Combining genuine artistry with cutting and craftsmanship Alan’s clothes have enduring style and flair.

Patrick Murphy – Head Cutter

In 2015 Davies and Son welcomed Patrick back to the firm as Head Cutter. Patrick has a long association with Alan Bennett and Davies and Son – it was under Alan’s tutelage that he started his career at the London College of Fashion in Curtain Road over 30 years ago. Pat’s passion for tailoring is in his blood, both his Father and Grandfather were tailors – his father having worked at Huntsman. Following in his footsteps Pat was head cutter for Huntsman between 2008 and 2015. He is credited with doing much to revitalise their fortunes in that period. Patrick is as comfortable cutting suits for pop stars as he is for the discerning gentleman. Always striving to give the customer what they want with his own inimitable style. Pat takes a keen interest in apprentice training and is the President of the BTBA Fund Raising committee.

Graham Lawless – Sales Director

Graham has had a long and distinguished career ‘front of house’. His first job was with Herbert Johnson the Hatters. He was promoted to Military hat Manager and began to visit Sandhurst in that capacity. He went on to work as front of house shop Manager for Dege and Skinner until he was promoted to Managing Director by 2000. He joined Davies and Son as Sales Director in 2008.,Graham’s knowledge of the bespoke process is second to none and his knowledge of cloth is invaluable. Graham visits 11 cities regularly travelling for Davies and Son.

Joe Mathews – Cutter

On leaving school, as a result of an interest in football, Joe completed a degree in sports science. Joe’s father is a Military coatmaker who had worked from home so Joe had grown up in the world of bespoke tailoring. On taking a temporary job on Savile Row, he quickly realised that he wanted to continue to work there.

Alan Bennett offered him an apprenticeship which Joe has recently completed – he is now a cutter with Davies and Son.

Charlotte Henderson – Trainee Cutter

Charlotte has an Honours degree – a BA in Fashion Design and Marketing from the London College of Fashion. During her last year at college she also worked at Davies and Son. On completing her course she gained further experience elsewhere on Savile Row and as soon as was possible returned to the firm as Apprentice cutter. Throwing some light on the vocational aspect of tailoring Charlotte say’s ‘Tailoring is a gracious art form’ very much in keeping with the ethos of Davies and Son.