Portgordon – the inspiration for ‘Sea’

It is often said that the colours and patterns of Scottish tweed are inspired by the colours and contours of the countryside, when Sam Goates brought her creation ‘Sea’ into our Savile Row shop and showed us the photographs of the land – and seascapes that inspired the weave we were totally smitten. It was immediately obvious that this cloth exactly mirrors its inspiration. Graham Lawless bought the short length of cloth – it is now exclusively ours – and, as we do not have very much of it – it will be perhaps become ‘more’ exclusive still, if such a thing is possible.

Woven in the bone

Sam Goates makes artisan cloth under the name Woven in the bone in Scotland, she works alone and produces ‘short lengths’ of handcrafted woollen cloth woven in her own inimitable style. Her heritage is the landscape and rich culture of Scotland drawing connections between the diverse Scottish landscape and the cloth that she makes.

We have used some of this precious cloth to make our window model to be displayed throughout October in our Savile Row shop.

We have a very limited supply of this exclusive cloth. If you would like to see it or have more information please ask Messrs Bennett, Murphy and Lawless on our forthcoming travelling visits.

The making of ‘Sea’. These pictures show the craftsmanship, care and attention to detail in making tweed by hand.