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8. Patrick Bunting, Head of UK Sales, Dormeuil

I remember my first fully bespoke suit with great fondness:  I’d had Made To Measure before, and in fairness, they too were beautiful garments made under the auspicious House of Sulka on Old Bond Street.  A name from a bygone era of style and sophistication.  However, no one can ever forget the first time they are taken in hand and guided through the labyrinth of full bespoke; First the style: Single breasted, double?  How many buttons? waistcoat – pretty much the same questions.  The trousers; pleats, pockets, brace tops.  The list is endless, or so it seems.  Having had some limited experience in my previous career, I wasn’t as daunted as I should have been.  The cloth selection was the very best part of the whole experience for me and remains so to this day.  Back in 1998 I selected a dark grey wool & cashmere with a red stripe, 3 piece with extra trousers and I have to say that 18 years later I am still extremely proud of that suit and even more proud that I can still get into it.  Sure, some of the seams need a little attention at times but this is a hand made garment.  The Rolls Royce of the sartorial world and just like those illustrious automobiles, they are crafted by people that fell in love with the bespoke world and became part of it.  I’ve had many suits since then but the first always holds a special place for every man.

I almost forgot…..The tailors were Kilgour, the cutter was the newly appointed Richie Charlton (now at Alexander McQueen).

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